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I've been working online, from home, for 9 years, mainly with WordPress.

In 2019, I dived into web development, which I always wanted to learn. That's how this free 512x512 WordPress site icon generator came to life.

I hope you like the tool and find it useful. If you do, you can support the project by donating whatever amount you want.

You can also check out my other projects:

  • ReadyShip products - A marketplace where you can buy a ready-made WordPress site/blog configured by me, which also includes AWS hosting, premium themes, and on-going support! Everything in one place!
  • ReadyShip blog - I'm also writing detailed WordPress guides and tutorials for ReadyShip's blog. You should drop by and check them out.
  • WebStoked.com - A blog where I write guides for different web-related stuff.
  • Radu.link - A small presentation website where you can find out more about me.